TGM Lounge for MadeHere PDX


MadeHere PDX, 40 NW 10th Ave, Portland

Last month we've teamed up with MadeHere PDX, a showroom presenting design focused, fashionable product entirely designed and manufactured in Portland, to create for them a lounge and play area highlighting our new TGM Studio Line.

With honest materials, straightforward lines, and playful attitude, the TGM Studio Line presents high quality functionality that is fit to match its calling. Our Ping Pong Conference Tables are made of solid hardwood construction on legs that are designed and fabricated in house. Our Plywood Lounges have been developed as flat-packable and versatile pieces, for variable office work (and lounge) scenarios. Solid russian birch construction matched with high-quality upholstery and ergonomic design give these pieces longevity in high-traffic spaces while maintaining their simple elegance.






Stop by MadeHere, play some ping pong on our TGM Ping Pong Conference table in eastern black walnut with copper plated legs and copper inlay, lounge on our upholstered TGM Plywood Lounge Chairs or stretch out on our TGM Plywood Love Seat, and take a moment to contemplate the brains and hands involved in all the things that are MadeHere in this great city.





The Good Mod team members Tom and Mike dialing-in the Ping Pong setup. Ready for play at NW 10th and Couch.

Spencer Scott Staley, The Good Mod's creator getting involved in the MadeHere Ping Pong Lounge.


Visit our showroom at 1313 W Burnside St., 4th floor, to view the complete selection of style options for your own TGM custom pieces. 




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