TGM in Portland OR is on the Move and Delivering Worldwide


Since the inception of The Good Mod by Spencer Scott Staley, we have experienced a high demand for both our amazing restoration services, as well as our newly developed product line.

Our restoration expert truly gives your Vintage Piece a New Life. This vintage design was passed down in our Client's family, was injected with precision and patience. By offering a sensitive touch on a new veneer top and full restoration on the frame, you would think this table was brand new.

The Ping Pong table has grown waves since the initial design, and is now being requested all over the World. With shipments going to Italy, New York, Nantucket and beyond TGM is making it's way to a Global Brand based right here in Downtown Portland OR!

Our latest Ping Pong custom table destined to a private home in Nantucket, our team worked remotely with the designer to create a White Oak Inlay rather then Metal, and a customized powder coat finish on the legs. The top is Black Walnut, creating a delicate contrast on this Solid Wood Top.

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