20,000 Leagues Above Average


"The human mind delights in grand conceptions of supernatural beings."

                                        - Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870)


The Team at The Good Mod recently completed a custom and supernatural 16’ x 8’ boardroom table with a nautical theme for the AirBnB Headquarters Offices in San Francisco. The table fits into the largest of their concept conference rooms, masterfully designed by the Airbnb Environments Team, to fit the fantastical theme based on Jules Verne’s novel Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. This was yet another wonderful collaboration with the amazing team at Airbnb.


Designed, engineered and constructed within a never-ever-heard-of turnaround time of 14 days, this largest of all meeting room tables is a handmade wonder of nature. The walnut-encased tabletop upholstered in brown leather elegantly interfaces with the circular brass inlays, referencing cartographic tables and ancient navigational tools—all while helping you connect and charge your very contemporary electronics right at your meeting table, via outlet, USB, Com port outlets that integrate with the entire conference room. The curvilinear concave rolled steel legs (700 pounds!) connect with a solid walnut mast, contributing to the look of a regal nautical vessel. With a highly cantilevered top, you feel the ship sailing in.


Rolled steel legs connected by walnut mast and brass hardware


"From the very beginning, it was such a treat to collaborate with you. After presenting our ideas and inspiration—which you all were so receptive to—you were so great in helping us identify the needs for the project. Together we were able to successfully problem solve and come up with a final design that created the perfect pieces for the space. Thank you for everything—We love TGM!"

                                                                              - Airbnb

Buckle Up

To complete the conference room experience with matching seating, we fully re-imagined a set of 18 vintage Castelli chairs. With new black powder coated legsfreshly restored backrests with brand new walnut veneer and new Maharam wool upholstery for the seat, these 18 stacking chairs add just the right amount of elegance and comfort to large conferences and expeditions.

Matte black powdercoat frame and new walnut veneer Upholstered with premium quality Maharam wool


Dive In

Check out process shots of the masterful table construction, upholstery and woodwork below.



THE GOOD MOD Team Design/Build 



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  • Amanda Leaman