Pulling the Thread: Discovering Kush Rugs




TGM is hosting gorgeous KUSH Rugs!

Brian and Rebecca are co-owners of KUSH rugs. Their showroom is situated a short five minute walk up 13th Street from THE GOOD MOD's showroom on Burnside.

They have developed their impeccable eye and delicate hand by way of scanning the globe in search of these spectacular rugs. They have traveled to countries such as Afghanistan, Turkey, India and Nepal to curate this exquisite collection of beautiful and whimsical rugs. 

A few things we have learned about these incredible rugs: 

The whole process is done BY HAND! This includes: "shearing the sheep, spinning wool, dyeing yarn, hand-tying each knot onto the warp and weft, and finally hand-washing the rug before it ships to the United States." 

Wool is one of the most durable, resilient, and cleanable fibers used for floors. They produce a natural chemical which helps to prevent stains, which is why it is important NOT to clean with solvents. Instead they suggest vacuuming and using clean cold water (sometimes with a drop of Dawn dish soap.) 

Beyond wool and cotton many rugs feature a fiber called banana silk. This fiber starts from the stalk of the banana plant and is then processed multiple times to give it the look and feel of silk. 


This rug is one of a kind Saison: Nova Blue | 9'x12':

This one can be ordered in various sizes and colors Maxamillion: Slate | 8'x10': 

Come check them out in our showroom! 

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  • Amanda Leaman