LED Signature Wall for Pollinate


We recently completed a second project for major Portland ad agency Pollinate. For their entrance area they requested a color-enhanced signage piece recessed into their wall. We created a 10-plus-foot tall steel-framed door with reclaimed wood and a laser cut rust patina steel panel that carries the client's logo. 


Set behind this signature wall are network-controlled LED strips, which can interactively change colors based on input from sensors. We programmed them so that the color that glows through the wood panels gradually shifts through the spectrum: Barely noticeable upon first glance, the changes happen over the course of approximately 3 hours. Watch a timelapse video below.

Working with microprocessors and programming panels was a great exploration and we look forward to doing more of this in the future. We're glad Pollinate liked it too!

"Everyone (staff, clients, random visitors) LOVES the sign/door! It’s a really great piece to walk off the elevator and see. Thanks again for another amazing piece of work!" - Laura Runkle, Pollinate



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  • Amanda Leaman