Oxbend Bench by Fernweh Woodworking

  • Designer / Maker: Fernweh Woodworking
  • Origin / Circa: Oregon 2020s

This entryway bench, designed by Justin Nelson for Fernweh Woodworking, evolved out of the Oxbend dining chair, leading also to a matching bar stool. The Oxbend Collection was born from a desire to create seating that is comfortable, organic, and elegant in its simplicity. This Oxbend bench incorporates subtle hand-shaped tubular curves and classic wedged-tenon leg joinery and a beautiful finger-jointed back rail. Whether used as seating in an office space or as an entryway bench or bedroom settee; it seeks to complement your existing furniture.


Seat: 17" deep x 16.5" high at front, Width options: 4' (pictured), 5', 6'

Backrest: 29.5" high at center, 30" high on ends

Custom made to order. 10-12 week lead time.


$ 2,950.00