Hello Friends. 


We are working on finding ways we can leverage our mfg capabilities to help the medical professionals fight the spread of this pandemic. 
Currently we are prototyping masks as well as 3D printing and CNC machining face shields.
We are calling all other fellow makers to help join in this cause. 
Here are some resources we found in our research that could be of help. 
Fabric Face masks:
Face Shields
3D Printed Cartridge Mask
We are asking members of the medical community to keep us informed with what is needed most as well as contacts in local hospitals. 
These files are for prototyping purposes only. These are not field tested and are simply to get the ball rolling on providing a possible solution to the shortage of PPE / I encourage anyone making these to consult with medical professionals to see what is need and modify these files accordingly.
Thank you for your help. Stay safe and lets get through this together!
-Spencer Staley Director of The Good Mod.