Ping-Pong Metal Net & Clamp Kit

  • Designer: The Good Mod 
  • Maker: The Good Mod 
  • Origin / Circa: 2018, Portland
  • Dimensions: Net: 74"L, 6"H Clamps:  7"H, 11" W, 4"D onto table
  • Material: Sand Cast Aluminum or Brass

This set includes a net and matching clamps sand cast locally in Portland, Oregon. The pattern on the clamp reads Portland, OR, and The Good Mod, showing the nice, material quality sand casting imbues on metal. 

The kit can be used for a range of different tables, clamping most successfully on a table that is between 1.5" in. to 1/4" in. thick. 

Shown in aluminum but we also have brass available. 

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$ 815.00