Aleph Geddis: The Heart of Hand Carving


"...A great piece of wood is key. I love irregularities in the wood, especially in my geometric pieces. A crack contrasts nicely against the organized structure of geometry." -Aleph Geddis on 3 important facets of wood carving

In his carving shed in the Orcas Island, Aleph Geddis sculpts a fox head mask, a commissioned piece and one of a kind.

Being introduced to sculpting at a young age under the hand of his step-father Aleph took to process quickly and fell in love with form. He studied at the Waldorf School, and began carving in beeswax. And also had the opportunity to work with Duane Pasco, a prominent figure in the PNW world of wood sculpting. Carving has been a part of his life for over 20 years. 

Aleph has revealed in an interview that some of the knives he uses he has made himself, specifically varying the specs and styles to bring an even deeper uniqueness to his work. 

Aleph came into The Good Mod with intention to see some of the sculpted Leroy Setziol panels. It was then that he and I began talking about the passion he has for making art and traveling the globe. Aleph travels between his studio in the Orcas Islands, WA and Bali, carving and creating all the while. 


In an interview with Filston, Aleph describes an intimate moment in his art: "For me, carving is all about the texture and the feeling of the chip coming off. There's nothing like the feeling of a sharp knife slicing through buttery wood."

The Good Mod is host to one large totem, one medium sized carving, and a few various smaller sculptures carved by Aleph. Visit our showroom at 1313 W Burnside to see these fascinating and intricately textured hand-carvings. 

1. Image borrowed from: 9/29/17 

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  • Amanda Leaman