Look-back at IDS West


The Good Mod made its way up to Vancouver, B.C. in late September to participate in the much anticipated Interior Design Show West (IDS West), representing phenomenal Pacific Northwest establishments, design firms, and creative thinkers.

For our first trade show, and one at such high level no less, we decided to showcase what we do well: excellent craftsmanship with an experimental and playful attitude.

One thing we’ve been playing around with a lot has been CNC Line Drawings. We decided to take this as inspiration for our back wall, and developed a decorative wall system with flexible elastic to give our ping pong table a show-worthy backdrop.


The TGM Ping Pong Conference Table—walnut with copper inlay, copper plated legs and a custom copper net system—was truly the highlight of our booth and wrapped many a visitor up in some fun time-out. The booth showcased the myriad of options available in such a system: wood types from walnut and oak to marble or Corian, powder-coated steel legs in any color imaginable, and center strip inlay in silver, brass, copper or powder-coated steel.


For those wanting to take a seat and hang out a bit, we presented our TGM Sling Lounge: vegetable tanned leather with brass and copper hardware on a turquoise powder-coated flat-packable frame. 



We had a blast! Check out our ping pong table options and sling lounge on our site, and follow us on Instagram for more ridiculous videos like this one.


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  • Amanda Leaman