Custom TGM B-Ball Hoops for The Trailblazers Coach Terry Stotts


The Story Behind the Hoop: Celebrating 300th Wins for Coach Stotts with Custom B-Ball Hoops from our TGM Studioline

It was a fateful day when Bimma came into the showroom to discuss hosting an event, I knew our encounter was the catalyst for future collaborations and connections. Bimma is a Global Product Manager at Adidas, as well as founder of Claima Convos (an interview series featuring underrepresented entrepreneurs in PDX)

Above: Bimma (@iambimma), second in from the left, alongside Kait Hurley (@kait.hurley), Laura Elizabeth (@laura_elizabeth) and Drae Slapz (@thedraeslapz) photographed their promo photos in our space!  

A few weeks after our initial introduction, Bimma had the insight to connect us with  Todd Adams, the brand development manager for the Trailblazers. What an exciting connection! This was shortly after we had released our customizable TGM B-Ball Hoops.

We were made aware of the upcoming milestone victory for longtime standing successful Coach Stotts. His 300th Win with the Trailblazers. 

January 18th we fabricated three Custom Basketball hoops for Terry Stotts, head coach, Neil Oshey, executive and manager for the team, and executive Harry Glickman. 

We had the privilege of making these custom mini basketball hoops that now hang proudly in their respective offices. 

See below for the art, renderings, and final product. 

These hoops are done in black walnut, with a black powdercoated rim, and black net. Custom art work and engraving available. 

Click here to Find the TGM B-ball Hoop

Here is an image of our B-ball Hoop hanging in the #ehdportlandproject designed, curated and styled by the super talented @em_henderson 


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