After a long journey by way of ocean freight container ship, our furniture + artwork made it to Tokyo!

We were able to meet the shipment at the auction site, and assist in the event set up. An awesome feeling for our team of designers. We helped move our pieces into the inflatable archway. Which would serve as protection from the downpour of rain, as well as an unique backdrop of the auction event.

The Sputnik Auction is a long going project in Tokyo + a few other cities internationally. The auction's purpose is to elevate up + coming designers work, and to shift the precedent of large percentage commissions by traditional galleries. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artist. This year's Tokyo auction featured amazing work from Sweden, Tokyo/Japan, and Portland. We were honored to be apart of this year's festivities.

Works ranged from experimental knitting, sculpture, jewelry, paintings, and furniture!

Spencer Staley and Evan Humphreys represented TGM in this exhibition. Spencer showcased some recent line paintings (painted with a CNC!), a leather sling lounge chair, and various other designs. Evan Humphreys, one of our talented shop fabricators + designers, exhibited a coffee table + plant stand. Evan is a lso Fine Art student at Portland's own PNCA. 


Here are some images of the auction's location + specific showcased items. Be sure to check out a few "photo only" blog posts detailing the rest of the event.


Spencer Staley moving furniture in Tokyo

Site of Sputnik Auction and Freedom University Tokyo Commune 246

Sputnik Auction Tokyo Commune246

.001 Plywood Chair Sputnik Auction Tokyo

Evan Humphreys Oblique Coffee Table Tokyo Sputnik Auction PNCA



Photos by Arthur Hitchcock

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