Born in Washington D.C., lived in Maryland, Montana, Colorado, Virginia, Oregon, Wyoming

What’s your background?

Political Science and Environmental Studies, trying out a new field

How do you work?

With intensity and an ever changing focus

What art do you most identify with?

Cave paintings and Italian Renaissance, other than that, nature makes the best art

What work do you most enjoy doing?

Anything where I get my hands dirty or interact with people.

What themes do you pursue?

Always in the pursuit of perfection and self discovery

How has your practice changed over time?

I am just getting started

Describe a real life situation that inspired you?

My time in Florence Italy. I had been to all the Smithsonian's in Washington DC, but to go to a city where the art is so ingrained in the culture was a life changing experience

Professionally what’s your goal?

I am still working on the evolution of this, but it will definitely involve independence, and take a backseat to my family

What three artists/designers have given you the most inspiration?

My mother, Sally Mann, Kirtland Cutter

What wouldn’t you do without?