TGM Wave Coffee Table

  • Designer: Spencer Staley
  • Maker: TGM
  • Origin / Circa: USA 2015
  • Dimensions: 33" L, 33" W, 12" H
  • Material: Birch Plywood, Steel
The Wave might seem chill, but listen, a lot of obsessiveness goes into looking so Zen. “I made the first one by hand,” says TGM owner Spencer Staley. “I made it by bending one continuous tube, and even now, I can’t believe I actually got it to meet up again: because you’re bending it, rotating it, on its one axis.” 
By his own admission, Spencer is a complete geek about tools, having the right tools to achieve any given process. “I don’t want to not be able to do something,” he says, and ain’t that the truth. Besides, what sort of self-respecting surfer would Spencer be if he didn’t have at least one piece in the TGM Studio Line called Wave, right?
Studio line merchandise is custom and made-to-order. Average production lead time is 6-8 weeks*. Please contact our team with any questions prior to purchase.
*Production Lead Times May Vary


$ 1,250.00

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