TGM Mantis Desk / Dining Table

  • Designer: Spencer Staley
  • Manufacturer: TGM
  • Dimensions: 28" H, 76" L, 28" Depth
  • Material: Aluminum

A client wanted us to create a desk based on the Mantis, so we scaled it up for them. Made out of solid aluminum, we gotta say: Big Mantis is Mantis on steroids, truly. In the form of solid aluminum. Nevertheless, the pieces remains sculptural yet functional.  There are desks, and then there’s Big Mantis—work big or go home, we say.

Imposing, yet stealth—that’s the Mantis. With its folded simplicity and efficiency of materials, this piece is a perfect harmony of form, function and negative space.  The continuous fold, the wave of metal—even in our most industrial pieces, you’ll always see Nature at work and play.

Designed and constructed by the Good Mod team, the Mantis Table resembles an origami mantis. The table provides a form that is reminiscent of organic shape. The material, aluminum, is a medium as sleek as it is durable.


Studio line merchandise is custom and made-to-order. Average production lead time is 6-8 weeks*. Please contact our team with any questions prior to purchase.

*Production Lead Times May Vary

$ 3,400.00 $ 4,000.00

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